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October 26, 1982 ~ December 5, 1996

Son Of Karen and David Bush

My Son, My Life

The toy tractors line the shelves
As I sit and reflect by myself
Where did the days go?
How was I to know

I thought he would always be here
to hold so close, love so dear
To take over what was to be his right
The family farm, oh we held so tight

Now I wonder what will be
When there are only memories within me
Is life worth it, do I dare to care
These are my thoughts as I ride the mare

I will go on, only because I have too
Remembering you lovingly, only you
My Son, my baby boy
I live for you, remembering your joy

I will keep you close within my heart
For me you will always be a part
You live in every breath I take
I will live this life for your sake

So please stay by me, help me along
For in my heart I continue to sing our song
It tells me always that you are mine
"You are my Sunshine"

Written in Memory of Grady Bush
by Judy Boc

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